Фотограф Дмитрий Купрацевич



My name is Dmitry Kupratsevich, I was born in 1985 and live in Moscow, Russia. I was 13 years old when I first learned photography at a small school photography club with my old film camera. I knew nothing about photography at that time!

Several years passed before I returned to photography again: I became a student and spent a lot of time trekking in the mountains. Seeing all those majestic views I wanted so much to keep them in my memory. This brought me again to photography, meanwhile digital, and particular to landscape photography.

Now I am a passionate landscape and travel photographer and like to share my skills in photography during my photo tours to the most beautiful locations in Russia, Europe and Asia. 


Awards and Achievements:

National Geographic’ “Wildlife of Russia - 2015”

First Prize, Category


35 awards - 2017

First Prize, Landscape


My Planet Award - 2017

First Prize, Category


“The Most Beautiful Country” by the Russian Geographical Society

Finalist, Category


Regular participant of exhibitions of wildlife photography.


National Geographic magazine, GEO and Aeroflot have published my photographs. The full list of my publications can be found here

My most recent interviews have been published in popular Russian e-magazines as “Russian Photo”,  “Office Magazine” and “Activehike.ru”.


I also hold original classes on travel photography in Photoplay - one of the leading photography schools in Russia.


I am an ambassador of Haida filters.